Power Quality and other EMC related subjects are often a bit treated as mysterious phenomena and are consequently used as a general excuse for unexplained failure in electrical installations.  


The goal of providing training is to demystify Power Quality to everybody evolved, from management to chief-engineering, and from the field-engineer to the electrician on the floor.


Several trainings can be provided. Low-level training has already been given to more than 50 companies.  The focus of this session is not to go into detailed theoretical and scientific issues related to PQ problems, but to focus on the practical side of power quality and more specifically on how to cure power quality problems.


Based on the very positive feedback this training is perceived to be very applied and useful. After the training 80% of the participants perceived that the training did increase their knowledge in relation to PQ and 76% could follow the process, which starts by finding the problem and consequently choosing the most suitable solution.


More high level and in company training can also be provided based on individual needs.

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