Classic capacitor banks

The classic capacitor bank is being integrated in situations where the customer has a high reactive power consumption in relation to the consumed number of kWh. Direct online electrical machines generally cause this increased consumption of reactive power. A first indication if capacitor banks might be interesting is when the distribution network operator charges reactive fines.


However, one should carefully design such a capacitor bank. In combination with the electrical grid, the capacitor bank might resonate, and if this resonation frequency is not carefully designed, this might damage the capacitor bank or shut down the grid. At this moment, ATS PQ Solutions has been active with low voltage and high voltage capacitor banks. We also have the necessary measuring devices to check high voltage capacitors without disconnecting any cables.


Sometimes capacitor banks are installed at customers with decentralized, renewable power generation (such as PV-panels). This is a niche problem, and this requires detailed and tailor-made solutions.

ATS has a specific expertise required to perform the analysis and design the most relevant solution.

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