Battery storage

Although peak shaving, or controllable loading, has little to do with actual power quality, additional costs can be related to high peak power consumption. On the other hand, higher consumption at low electricity costs and lower consumption at higher pricing may be cost attractive by active load management and pricing interactivity via an Access Responsible Party (ARP). Energy Storage Systems (ESS), such as battery storage (BESS), can be an answer to this question. BES-systems have reached a point where they have an interesting ROI.

Energy storage systems also allow customers to benefit from fees of the Transmission Network Operators (TNO) to enable them using your storage system for primary and tertiary reserve (R1-R3).


From a technical perspective, these systems highly correlate to UPS systems and active filters. ATS PQ is on the leading edge as an independent party on the market capable to dimension such tailor made systems based on client request. ATS PQ is in close contact with several suppliers of both ESS as independent battery suppliers to find the optimal technical/economical solution. ATS PQ can provide an overall tailormade sollution, which covers the integration in your own power grid and the smooth integration of this system within an overlaying IT infrastructure (MES-ERP) or specific ATS inhouse designed  Business Intelligence software platforms.

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